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Stoner Righteousness is a fucking epidemic

Event after event I see a never ending meme trail of stoners who think they know something after reading a couple of huffington post articles (or, for those who go deep down the rabbit hole, insert leftist internet channel here). 

And even after all this “self education” cannot bring themselves on a human level and release compassion for humans. They sit on their stool of shit knowledge, prestine and elite, and troll the internet for days, calling out “dark skinned” people for creating the racism they experience DAILY. Saying they’re part of the problem.

NO MOTHERFUCKERS, you are the problem. Live in your pot cloud of hopes and dreams while we live in the motherfucking reality of this society you’re happy to critique on your upper echelon of being a “higher being”. You’re high alright. That’s fa sho.

I don’t know where to put this so it’s going on Tumblr

The truth of the matter is, when you’ve been in a relationship with someone abrasive and manipulative, it might stay with you for a long time. You might get over it, or you might think you’re over it.

But little things start to trickle into your life after that relationship ends.

Sometimes it comes in little spurts and sometimes in an all consuming typhoon.

Sure, you may have escaped the shackles of that relationship prison itself, and, if you’re lucky, that person altogether. But with every new person, friendship or love interest alike, the thing in your brain that says “this is good” could be that thing that once told you to love the monster.

Trust is a mystery and every encounter can be a blessing or a straight up nightmare.

It’ll pass, I’m sure.